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Breakfast with the Experts

posted Mar 1, 2016, 12:09 PM by Kay Dodd

Ames School students in grades 2-5 spent the morning with the 'experts'.  As part of our career curriculum our Aspirations Team invited local community experts to come to school and talk to students about what they did to become the successful people they are today.  Our day began with students and staff from the Waldo County Technical School creating and serving a yummy breakfast for 150 students, staff and guests.  The made french toast in cups, mini quiches, pancakes and sausage on a stick, yogurt with granola and fruit on a stick with juice and milk to drink.  Then each student got to attend 3 sessions of their choice to talk with the experts.  We learned about specific classes the expert took in high school and beyond, trainings, colleges and special schools and more so that they could do their job well.  We learned about their passions and excitement for what they do that make them want to keep getting better at their jobs.  We all use the information to help us make decisions for our future.  Guest experts included fire fighters, bankers, a beautician, an artist, a dancer, an EMT, a boat builder, operators of big machines, a scientist, guys in the military, a teacher, an x-ray technician, a journalist, a broadcaster, a designer, a technology person and an aquatics director.  It was a fantastic morning!