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Great Job Chess Team!

posted Feb 14, 2019, 8:43 AM by Alison E Harvey

Congratulations to the all Ames chess team students who took on the challenge and represented Ames yesterday at the first annual RSU71 Elementary School Chess championship. There were 35 students competing from CASS, Ames, and Nickerson.

The Ames team members were:

3rd: Hunter

4th: Seth, Maverik, Justin - but Justin played in the 5th grade grouping

5th: Dawson, Brogan, Haylie, Gretta, Mady, James

All students won some games and lost some games but everyone played well and did a great job representing Ames. This was a tough tournament and I am very proud of all students who participated.

A special congratulations goes to the following top Ames students. (These are Ames results not the overall tournament results):

In 3rd grade: 1st place at Ames: Hunter

In 4th grade: 1st place at Ames: Maverick;  and 2nd place: Seth

In 5th grade:  1st place: Brogan  2nd place: Dawson

3rd place and the top female player award at Ames: Haylie

Honorable mention awards: Gretta, Mady, James

The overall RSU71 Tournament champion for February 2019 goes to Justin Massey