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posted Jun 9, 2015, 1:05 PM by kdodd@rsu20.org
The 2015-2016 RSU #71 School Budget Meeting will be held at the Troy Howard Middle School on Tuesday, June 16th.  The School Board has voted the new school budget on.  We need your help and support in order for our schools to be successful places to educate our students and help our communities thrive.

Next Tuesday, June 16th is the public meeting at which a budget will be discussed.  It is critical that everyone attends in order to understand all the components of the budget and stays for the whole meeting.  The budget is approved article by article and sometimes moves along quickly; then, at the end, there is one last question about approval of all that has come before.  If supporters of the budget have left, the people who have stayed may vote it down.

Wednesday, June 24th is the budget validation ballot vote in our five towns.