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Winter Kids Winter Games

posted May 31, 2019, 9:20 AM by Tracy Hayslip

Winter Kids All School Share today at 2:15.  Parents Welcome!  Mrs. Smail will be explaining all about Winter Kids and this amazing and fun opportunity our school is participating in.

Dear Parent or Guardian,

We are proud to announce that we selected your child’s school to participate in the 2019 WinterKids Winter Games! We have chosen two schools in each of Maine’s 16 counties to compete in a 4-week challenge that emphasizes outdoor physical activity, nutrition, family engagement, and winter carnivals from January 7 – February 1. Students and teachers will be participating in educational games and activities to earn points towards a $5000 gold medal cash prize (and more!). Your child/ren and nearly 8.000 other students are participating statewide. Wow!

We are calling on all family members to participate in the Winter Games. As a parent or guardian, you can support your child by making sure they are well fed, properly dressed, and ready for outdoor activity in our cold winter months. Our Week 3 Challenge focuses on family engagement; this is where we need your help! We encourage you to engage in outdoor activities with your kid/s like sledding, building snow sculptures, or even shoveling snow as a family. Nutrition is also a priority in the WinterKids Winter Games, so why not cook dinner together as a family, or shop together to make a healthy recipe? Your child’s teacher will be providing additional ideas and tips during this exciting and engaging month-long Challenge.

Our mission at WinterKids is to help children develop healthy lifelong habits through education and fun, outdoor winter activities. We are proud to work with dedicated teachers and families. Thank you for supporting our mission to ensure that all kids are healthy, vibrant and active in the winter!

Get Outside! Be Active! Have Fun! Be a WinterKids Family! Yours in healthy and outdoor winter fun,

Team WinterKids